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Dental Practice Lenders
Dental Practice Financing

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Dental Practice Lenders

Here is my list of approved practice finance lenders for you to contact. I have worked with all of these individuals and can tell you of my personal experiences with them. I have listed these alphabetically.

NOTE: Please be aware that many dental industry brokers, attorneys, and lenders give or accept some form of referral fee for referring you to other transaction specialists. I do not accept any such referral fees from, nor do I give such referral fees to, anyone.

Bank of America
Alexandra Iosif | | 949.445.9472
website: Healthcare Banking

Homestreet Bank (formerly Orange County Business Bank)
Howard Boles | | 949.237.1604
website: Commercial Loans

Wells Fargo
Sina Mansouri || 949.813.1855
websites: Practice acquisition and start-up financing | Expansion and relocation financing